7"x10" color paperback

Maison de la Musique

Ein Buch (auf Deutsch+Englisch) ├╝ber die Renovierung und Erneuerung eines Hauses das urspr├╝nglich 1920 in Ames, Iowa, gebaut wurde.

A book (in German+English) about the renovation and transformation of a 1920s house in Ames, Iowa.

A4 black and white paperback

polytektonDesign 1990-1997

The second volume of polytektonDesign, originally published in 2010, is now available online. It’s an A4 format black-and-white paperback chronicling polytekton’s designs between 1990 and 1997, covering the years of graduate studies at the University of Florida toward an MArch (1991) and the Princeton years (1992-1994), followed by three years of teaching design studios and history/theory seminars at Iowa State University. Numerous illustrations and photographs. More info about the book can be found below.